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Tuesday 12 June 2007

I used to write letters to the editor of the Sydney Morning Herald. It was quite fun for a while and at one stage I was averaging about 1 in 6 letters being published. However if my maths is correct, 5 out of 6 were not being published. So I started this blog. It became a home for not just the chosen letters, but also the stray, the mangy, the smelly and the ones that just didn’t make sense.

But eventually I got sick of writing letters to the editor, (some say I grew up, others say I got lazy). So my blog changed - now I just post random thoughts, bad puns, funny photos, regurgitated quotes, dubious anecdotes, and other stuff I make up in my spare time, all wrapped up in my own style of syntactically afunctional disambiguous bad writing.

So enjoy.


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