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Tuesday 16 October 2007

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Gerard Henderson states that Christian leaders can now enter the political debate, provided they choose a fashionable topic, such as criticising Work Choices, and avoid less fashionable ones such as stem cells research (“Ears to the pulpit, when it suits”, 16 October). The principle’s easily seen as these leaders can speak out against gambling and alcohol, but must abstain from talking about sex and abortion. They can pontificate on wealth, materialism, charity and freedom, but must steer clear of mentioning truth, sin, judgement and forgiveness. After we tell them what they can and can’t discuss, we then accused them of cherry picking the gospels. If all else fails we just dismiss them as biased. While some criticism of these Christian leaders is fair, much of it is just plain prejudice. I don’t envy them (and not just because it’s a sin).


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