My Top 5 Lowlights - Number 4 - The office paperwork

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Thursday 28 August 2008

I couldn’t resist at least one toilet story in my top 5 lowlights. However, it’s not technically a lowlight, but more accurately an averted lowlight; it would otherwise have easily been number 2 on the list (no pun intended).

The Gold Coast of South Africa is indisputably Durban, where there’s a four mile beach (by name and possibly by measurement). The water’s warm, it has a scenic view and once you get used to carrying an AK47, it’s really quite relaxing. However, in what is still practically, logically and hygienically incomprehensible to me, we found a men’s lavatory where the toilet paper dispensers were on the outside of the toilet doors. Although there was no sign, no warning, no indication and no hint as to how or why the paperwork should be done outside the office, to this day I’m still thankful that I saw the dispenser on the way in.


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