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Friday 15 August 2008

I've heard that every child dreams of going to the Olympics. Not just to watch the Olympics but to actually compete. Now I'm not quite sure whether this is true for everyone, but it is certainly true in my own life.

My first dream of going to the Olympics came about in 1988 after watching Ben Johnson win the 100 metre dash in Seoul. I remember where I was, who I was with, and what I was doing (apart from watching the tv that is). But I also remember having distinct thoughts that it didn't look that hard, it didn't take that long (9.79 seconds) and that being an Olympian didn't look that bad.

Now for all those who know me, you will immediately realise that my dream of becoming Ben Johnson didn't quite materialise. I am not Canadian, I have never worn a lycra suit (in public), I am neither big, black or fast, nor have I ever competed in the Olympics, with or without performance enhancing drugs. So close but so far.

But I've also heard that this is how you know when you have reached adulthood. Once these dreams are gone and once you've given up all hope of ever competing in the Olympics, you are then officially an adult.

I will be 33 by the time the London 2012 games come around, and I am coming to the realisation that my hope of competing in a sport I already play or taking up any other sport and getting to Olympic standard in the next four years, are fading fast.

Why am I writing about this? Because I need your love and support - I am slowly but surely coming to terms with the sad fact that I think I might be now an adult.


Erin said...

We looked twice when they were awarding the walking medal to an Australian - we thought it could be you at a glance. Maybe you should take up walking. Or horseriding. Seems to be a few years in that. Not sure which room you would keep your horse in though?

Mandy said...

I feel your pain. My memories go back to 1980 (THAT makes me old). I have vague memories of watching the gymnastics and some swimming too. But my vivid memories are from 1984. Every school assignment I could do on the Olympics, I did. Remember the slogan the AOC used to raise money to send the team? 'Where there is a will, there's a way to LA'. Jon Seiben in the 200 fly made me belive that you could achieve anything if you just worked hard enough. I could go on, and on, and on listing my favourite moments - Duncan Armstrong in 88; Lisa Ondeiki's valiant silver (just 13 seconds!); Keiren in 1992; Susie O'Neill and Petria Thomas' quinella in the 200 fly in 1996; Being there to see the Aussie women's waterpolo's last gasp goal to win against the US in Sydney; women's 4 x 100 medley relay in Athens.

But alas, I will never be an Olympian. I suffer from the dillema of not having the talent to match my lofty dreams.

At least I can watch others seek to reach their dreams every 4 years!

Bronwen said...

It is like that and you realize it more as you get older. However, as a Christian - if it is true what we believe - who knows what we will be doing in 10,000 years time? (And we will do it for the glory of God!)

Anonymous said...

well, there is always the Masters Games!

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