My Top 5 Lowlights - Number 2 - United Airlines

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Tuesday 2 September 2008

Two things in particular annoy me about United Airlines. They are an airline that lose luggage (they lost mine from Los Angeles to Sydney) and they are an airline where your lips must be demonstrably parched and scientifically examined for moisture (or lack of it) before they will even think about getting you a drink. Not that I am Rainman about my choice of airlines, but don’t fly them, if you can avoid it.


Justin said...

I was a UA Frequent Flyer. But I switched to Qantas.

Fleeing United was like saying No to Greyhound: obvious.

KIM said...

I can add to your list! Like Justin, I have a UA frequent flyer account -- but it takes an insanely huge number of flights to even get close to qualifying for a free flight. I don't remember exactly how many it is, but I fly back and forth twice a year and I just looked at went, "oh, gosh, that's not remotely worth it."

AND -- might I just add that they do not have individual movie screens on United!! (Well, not in economy, anyway.) I asked at a Flight Centre about it once and they said that the CEO of United said that they would never put the individual movie screens in because their customers would just continue to pay because their rates were low.

Yeah, my next ticket is Qantas, too.

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