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Thursday 20 November 2008

Well after a few months of blog inactivity, I have some exciting news to report: the vowels are now moving again.

But perhaps just as exciting for all you avid daily vowel readers is the fact that I’m planning on updating this blog a little more often.

However before you all shout for joy, quit your jobs and send emails, comments and queries about how you can join the daily vowel movement, please be aware that there is no direct or causal link between the things I plan to do and the things I actually do. For example, at various times in my life I have planned to win an Olympic gold medal, become the heavyweight boxing champion of the world, eat a lettuce like an apple, own a dog, learn French and grow dreadlocks (For those who don’t know me, as it would be obvious to those who do, I have in fact never achieved any of these life long goals and the point simply is that just because I plan to do something, doesn’t necessarily mean that it will get done).

But regardless of whether you’re a glass is half-full or half-empty type of person, I hope you’ll join with me in my new found endeavour of becoming more regular (no pun intended) in my blogging.


Erin said...

Surely the lettuce one is acheivable.

Paul Andon said...

Good to see you're trying to get some regularity back into your daily vowel movements. But don't try too hard. The only thing worse than limited vowel movement is a bad case of verbal diarrhoea. And nobody wants to see that!

ps. All puns intended

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