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Tuesday 2 December 2008

Over the years I’ve had numerous friends and various family members start up a variety of businesses in a number of fields. But no matter who starts them, or what they are trying to sell, I always try to get involved in the naming process. Now I will be the first to admit that some of the names I have suggested haven’t been very good, but, in my humble opinion, some of them have and I thought that others may be interested to hear about my Top 5 suggestions for business names that have never been.

In releasing these names into the public domain I understand that I lose all rights and claims to the names, but even if I don’t lose all said exclusive privileges to such names, as long as at least one of them brings one smile to just one person’s face, then it has all been worthwhile. Well not really, but if anyone is actually thinking of starting up any of these types of businesses, please feel free to use my suggestions. The only thing I ask is that if you ever become famous enough to have a history page on a website of your newfound business venture, please reference me as the creator of the name (The unlikeliness of this will be quite apparent after having read through list of names).

To avoid the groans and moans, the mocking and the spitting, I will be listing them one per day for the next 5 days (I’ve also had medical advice that it would not be healthy for others to read them all at once). So sorry to disappoint you, but tune in tomorrow for Number 5 of my Top 5 business names that never were.


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