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Monday 15 December 2008

I was recently overseas in a country other than America and I came into possession of a two dollar American bill. For some this will mean nothing but for others it will be of surprise: “A two dollar bill – do they exist?”

Well that was my initial reaction, followed quickly by the sneaking suspicion that I was getting ripped off. My next reaction was, well if it is a forgery, it would be pretty cool to have it – so I kept it and here are two pictures of it.

To finish the story (as gripping and exciting as it is), when I got home I looked it up on the font of all knowledge, wikipedia, and found that they are actually legitimate American currency. But I also discovered that they are quite rare, and not generally used, or in circulation (wikipedia also told me that most cash registers do not have a space for them, which gives you an indication of how much they are used, or how stupid the people who design cash registers are).

As I can already feel the ripples of excitement and joy that there is now one of them Australia, I am willing to organise a viewing day. For anyone interested please register at and sit by your computer for a return email saying that you have now entered into a draw to win tickets. Unfortunately the viewing will be limited to ten people, but the first two drawn out will also get the special bonus of holding it.


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