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Thursday 22 January 2009

For all those who missed my series on the "Top 5 Business names that never were" feel free to click here. For all those who did not miss the series I have come up with another one. Despite all the groans and the pleas not to publish any more, rather than waiting for another whole series of them, I thought I would post them as the come to me. Here is my latest idea:

Type of Business – Shoe repair store
Name of Business – Sole Mate


Pennie said...

This is by far the best... Keep up the good work I reckon you're getting better and betterer!
I have a photo of a Cafe taken in Ireland about 30 years ago called 'Get Stuffed' LOL I'll try and find it.

Lindi said...

I really like that one! If I was opening a shoe repair business, I'd definitely use that.

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