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Monday 19 January 2009

To make sense of this post read the Chuggers Introduction (if you haven't already):

I had never thought of this idea before, but a friend told me that when a chugger is attempting to stop you to have a conversation about Charity X you can actually just say No Thank you. I’m not entirely sure what this combination of words means, but I tried it the other day and it worked perfectly. I said the words forcefully but politely and just walked on. Give it a go – it’s great.

I would love to hear from anyone who has any other ideas to avoid chuggers as we chuggees must join together in the struggle against chugger oppression. So to conclude and as a call to solidarity I will simply type loudly (I would shout it, but I am in an internet café at the moment):

Chuggees of the world unite, you have only your credit card details to lose.


Pennie said...

I have to confess that I live in a Chugger Free Zone :-( I've been fascinated by your posts though and have a suggestion for you just in case you are also trying to avoid begging phone calls. Hey it might work for Chuggers as well!
I say very slowly and very clearly... I'm sorry I'm a very important and very busy person so I can't talk to you right now.
They apologize and have a laugh and I don't hang up angry that my 'No nuisance calls' thing isn't working.
Good luck with your Chuggers!

Lindi said...

"I already give" said with a smile always works for me.
And it's not a lie. I haven't said to whom I give.

Anonymous said...

I live in Bangladesh and have to say that I have not really encountered this problem. People here tend to take a more direct approach. Rather than 'Would you like to make a difference?', or 'Can I have a moment of your time?', they tend to say either 'Give me money!' or 'Boss! Boss! Bossy! BOSS! Give me Taka!' I believe this is called direct marketing.

Daily said...

Thanks for all your comments. To borrow from Penny's begging phone calls technique, I would love to respond to all of them but unfortunately I am a very important and very busy person so I can't right at the moment.

Jennifer said...

although I don't have chuggers either, I have enjoyed this series very much. Too funny!
And for the phone solicitors, of which I have no lack:
when we were first married and totally poor, I would just say that I would be removing food from my own child's mouth to put it in another's, and I can't do that, sorry.
Since that's no longer true, I usually say, I can't make financial decisions without consulting my husband, can I get back to you? and then never do.
It's sneaky, but dude... we DO give, just like Lindi said, and we can't give to everybody, nor do I actually agree with every one that calls me, to be quite honest.

Pennie said...

LOL Gave me a laugh, I won't be Chugging you any time soon Andrew!

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