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Saturday 4 April 2009

The other day I ate a KFC burger. Apart from thoroughly enjoying the clogging of my arteries I also had fun reading the blurb on the KFC wrapper:

    "Great taste starts with really fresh chicken...
    At KFC, our chicken pieces & breast fillets are
    deliver FRESH* not FROZEN & are sourced
    exclusively from Australia's leading producers"
It was quite interesting to discover that the little asterisk ("*") after the word "FRESH" means "excludes emergency stock".

I really wonder what situations qualify to bring in the emergency chickens? The arrival of the Japanese Sumo Wrestling team? The cancelling of the Biggest Loser? A chicken strike?

And do the emergency chickens arrive in a KFC ambulance with a clucking chicken siren?

Does anyone know? Your thoughts on, or experiences of, emergency chickens would be much appreciated.


Di said...

When the emergency arises do they cry "Fowl!" I wonder?

Lindi said...

I suppose if there were no emergency chickens, KFC could end up with egg on their face!

sorry, someone had to say it....

Daily said...

Thanks for the comments, just as groan-worthy as my post.

Pennie said...

Thank goodness we have you to keep us so well informed Andrew... and Di... and Lindi for the added laughs! I would never have known about Emergency Chickens if it hadn't been for you.
I'm forwarding this to my brother who works for one of the opposition.

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