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Wednesday 15 April 2009

I am about to start something very nerdy. What’s that you say, more nerdy than a blog? Yes worse than that. In my working, social and private life I come across lots of great words that I smile upon, laugh at, wonder about and ultimately hope that they come back into common parlance. I then forget about them and find some other trivial thing to occupy my thoughts. Well no more. (here’s the nerdy part). I have decided to collect these words and publish one per week, sometimes with commentary and sometimes without. I shall call it “The Wednesday Word” (because today is Wednesday and the word ‘word’ starts with the letter “w” and I thought it would be good to put the two double-u words together).

Today’s Wednesday Word is ‘pandiculation’ which means an instinctive stretching, as on awakening or while yawning. Here is a sentence in which it could be used – “Although I was not that tired, I just could not stop pandiculating.”

Please let me know if you have ever used any of these Wednesday words, or if you get actually get the chance to use them in a conversation.


Lindi said...

Funny, but as I was reading your post, I was also pandiculating!

I love it! My new word. I shall enjoy this lovely nerdy thread.

When I was 16, I discovered the word oscullate. Had fun with that one!

Emma said...

My cat pandiculates ALL THE TIME.

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