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Saturday 2 May 2009

Many of you will have seen this week the end of the fourth series of the Biggest Loser. For those of you who didn't see it, or don't even know what it is about, it is a show in which people compete to lose weight, and at the end of the series the biggest loser is declared the winner. While the whole premise seems a bit tacky, I watched a number of the shows and actually really enjoyed it - who would have thought that watching fat people exercise could have been so much fun.

But in the end, the gentleman in these pictures, Bob Herdsman, was the winner (for the dimwitted among you, the left photograph is the before shot, and the right one is the after).

Now you may be wondering why I am writing about this, as it's not the usual type of post of mine, but apart from being impressed by his weight loss, Bob, at the point of winning, had some fantastic wordplay. After he found out he had lost 52 per cent of his original body weight here is what he said:

    "I'm half the man I used to be, but I'm just wondering which half I now am."

and in response to the usual questions about how you feel he said:

    "I don't know which half to speak on behalf of, but on behalf of the half that's here, I feel great"

Good on you Bob.


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