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Thursday, 11 June 2009

First there was Big Brother, where we just watched people. Then we got bored with that and made them do one or more of the following:

  • sing for their money (Australian Idol);
  • travel for their money (Amazing race);
  • hunt for their money (Survivor)
  • pout for their money (Australia’s next top model); and
  • dance for their money (So you think you can dance).
And finally we are now making them cook for their money in the new series ‘Masterchef’ (which is a much catchier title than what they were originally thinking – ‘So you think you can survive being Australia’s next amazing top cook’).

In case you haven’t seen it, Masterchef is a new reality television show where people make dishes that are sampled and judged by three high priests of the culinary world who quite amazingly can turn up their nose in approximately 22 different ways.

Notwithstanding their nasal flexibility and how patronising some of their comments can be, you may be wondering why I am writing this post? Well, simply put, it is to express my disbelief at how popular the show is, (and secretly how enjoyable it can be at times).

But my real question is why. In an age where we all want to be the judge of everything, not limited to, but including who is the best singer, dancer, hunter, and pouter, why have we given over our capacity to judge to three men simply because they have the unique ability to contort their face based on their sense of taste? But more significantly considering this loss of power to judge and decide, why is this show still so popular?

Any thoughts?


Nathan said...

I don't know - I'm shamefully addicted despite the fact that the fat bald chef speaks constantly in adapted sporting cliches and the contestants just spout competitive cliches at every turn...

I thought I was immune to the wiles of reality TV - but apparently not.

Jessica said...

This is one of my favourite rants!
All cooking shows frustrate me, because you can see the food but you can't EAT IT. Then, the whole point of a talent show is that the viewer is the judge, and how can you judge what you can't EAT? The premise is basically futile, until we get Wonkavision.

Nathan said...

It's worse than you think. One of my jobs in my job used to be to host TV programs in our region - and when you have a cooking program make delicious food in your region you'd expect to actually get to taste the food wouldn't you? But no. They spray it with fly spray to keep the flies off and make it too poisonous for spectators to eat.

In short, nobody gets to eat the food.

Daily said...

Yes, Wonkavision would be great, but until then, food shows are such a tease as we never really know if it actually tastes good or just looks good (and perhaps that's a good thing with all that fly spray going around).

Lindi said...

Haven't seen it. Not interested. Only cooking type shows I enjoy are the Cook and the Chef, and The Black Olive. Both non dramatic, good food, easy prep, style shows.

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