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Tuesday 9 June 2009

Our office is moving later this year and recently all staff received an email that contained (among other things) the following two paragraphs:

    "As part of the re-location strategy to our new Office accommodation this year all staff will be issued with a new chair. These chairs will be almost identical looking to and again meet the Australian Standard for office chairs that are currently in use but will be a different colour to the current blue, have better quality seating foam and have a three lever adjustment system for backrest, seat and tilt. The chairs allocated will have arms (which can be removed). Staff are alerted to independent Occupational Health and Safety advice which indicates that where the use of keyboard is required, arms can contribute to injury and the risks far outweigh any benefit.

    It should also be noted that the chairs come in two seat "pan" sizes. For those people who feel they may require a larger size seat (eg, they be of taller than average height) you should contact Personnel Services to discuss further."
I didn't realise that seat sizes came in "pans", nor that taller people would necessarily need a larger one, and I have been left wondering what is left to "discuss further and I'm really not looking forward to the scheduled annual office "pan" size check in


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