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Friday 10 July 2009

"This is Indexed" by Jessica Hagy is by far and away my favourite blog. It is sharp, witty, creative, consistent and widely popular. It has taken a simple idea and used it to comment and critique on anything and everything in society. But it is also incredibly frustrating - frustrating in that I wish I came up with the idea first. But rather than wallow in my self-pity I have decided to do what any other reasonable blogger would do - rip the idea off.

So from now on, similar to my weekly Wednesday Word series, every Friday, I am going to post a new series - it is called Pointless Post-it notes, namely because I have drawn them on large post-it notes but also because they are pointless. Nevertheless I hope you like them.

This is one is called, "An apple a day"


Ali said...

Hey thanks dvm! I have laughed my way through that book, but didn't know there was a blog! I'm subscribing right now!

Justin said...

Love Jessica Hagy.

(Can you resend the email to me? Not sure where IMAP took it...)

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