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Monday 7 September 2009

I recently read a book called "La Bella Figura - An insider's guide to the italian mind", which is a travel book about Italy, by an Italian. It was excellent, very funny, very informative and the writing was superb. But the reason I am posting about it, is because it contained an excellent quote about churches and television which ended in a chiasmus:

    Television in Italy is as exotic as an airport, as unruly as a city street, as hypnotic as a hotel, as perturbing as a store, as ever0changing as a restaurant, as noisy as a train, as deceiving as the countryside, as instructive as a piazza and as ubiquitous as churches. But if the churches are empyting, television holds on to its faithful. Fifty years ago, people talked about the television of the people. Nowadays, we are the people of the television.
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