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Wednesday 21 October 2009

Today's Wednesday is I don't know. I am asking people to help me work on a decent name for the @. Whatever you just said for the last word is what I am looking for. The most common (and boring) name for it is the 'at symbol' or the 'at mark'. But this is where English has totally failed the @.

Here is what it is known in other languages: chiocciola (little snail in Italian); aperstaart (monkey's tail in Dutch); snabel-a ('a' with an elephant's trunk in Swedish); and klammeraffe (clinging monkey in german).

The best suggestion I have heard so far is the ampersat (to follow the ampersand which is the name for this &).

What do you think? What should we call the @?

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RodeoClown said...

According to Wikipedia it is called an amphora or asperand.

RodeoClown said...
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