Don't get busted in the bus lane - except if you're a taxi

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Saturday 19 December 2009

Can anyone tell me why taxis get to drive in the bus lanes? It seems quite unfair that simply because you pay someone to drive a car for you, as opposed to pay for your car to be driven, you should be able to zip along in the bus lane.

Any clues or theories?


byron smith said...

At least it encourages people to not own cars. Better to catch a taxi once a fortnight and pay for it than own a car and be tempted to use it unnecessarily for all kinds of brief journeys.

Daily said...

I've never thought of that, but I like it. However would people really say I will not own a car because taxis are quicker in the bus lane, or would those people catch taxis anyway.

Lindi said...

Probably because taxis are working and minutes mean dollars.
When you think about, it serves the driver and the customer.
The customer doesn't have to sit there in traffic listening to the meter ticking over, and the driver discharges his passenger quickly, to pick up another - and gains another flag fall.

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