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Saturday, 12 December 2009

Here is a great photo of a pivotal moment at the turn of the century. Can anyone guess?

Mystery photo


Pennie and David said...

LOLOLOL Just too funny!

I think he must be looking in a mirror!

Maybe it's the joke about the Y2K bug?

Do you know?

dvm said...

Nope. Not to do with the Y2K bug. If no-one else guesses, will reveal soon.

It's one of my favourite photos.

Pennie and David said...

He's just discovered that the Olympics are being held in Sydney this year and now his home town?

Pennie and David said...

Okay I've done a bit of a Google... is it...

David Letterman undergoes quintuple heart bypass surgery.


The last original Peanuts comic strip appears in newspapers a day after Charles M. Schulz died.

Or is it something serious?

It's in my head now and I can't get it out... but will wait patiently for the answer :-)

dvm said...

Here it is Pennie, and anyone else who has been hanging out to know who or what this photo is about:

Broward County Canvassing Board member Judge Robert Rosenberg stares at a dimpled punchcard ballot, November 23, 2000, as the board begins counting the county's ballots that were considered questionable. After review by the three member panel, the vote went to Republican presidential candidate George W. Bush. Gore is in the final stages of a legal challenge to wrest the presidency away from Bush.

Pennie and David said...

That is absolutely hilarious, I reckon any of us would look like this if we were in the same position! Love it. Thanks Andrew.

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