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Friday 26 March 2010

Shakespeare was a genius. Not just for his poetry, sonnets, plays and ability to pull a crowd (both then and now), but also for making up so many words. While the debate rages as to whether he made them up, borrowed them from other languages, just changed verbs into nouns, adjectives into verbs, etc etc, or even whether his use of them is just the first recorded, in my view, it doesn't really matter - he's still a genius. Here is a list of some words that fit into the above category of Shakespeare's made up words:

Accused, Addiction, Advertising, Amazement, Arouse, Assassination, Bandit, Bedroom, Beached, Blanket, Bump, Cater, Champion, Countless, Epileptic, Fixture, Flawed, Generous, Hint, Lonely, Mimic, Negotiate, Obscene, Premeditated, Rant, Summit, Torture, Varied, Worthless, Zany


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