Jessica Watson sails around the world

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Saturday 15 May 2010

Some thought she was crazy.
Others an inspiration. But whatever you thought about this story seven months ago, if in fact you thought about it at all, Jessica Watson has now sailed around the world.

But here is my prediction - commentators, journalists and the common man on the street are going to struggle for the next few days in coming up with new adjectives to describe her achievement.

Here are my bets for the most popular adjective to describe Jessica Watson:

Inspirational, magnificent, extraordinary, incredible, amazing, courageous, sensational with a large side order of the word absolutely.


Pennie said...

You forgot that over used inappropriate word 'Hero'!

Anonymous said...

risk taker, time wasting, irresponsible, extravagant, self glorifying, attention seeking, indifferent to the poor, depleting environmental resources.....
Here're just some contrasting adjectives. ;)

Daily said...

Yes they are all great adjectives as well, but probably won't win the most popular award. I'm not saying those adjectives are not appropriate, but commentators and journalists are falling over themselves to use the other ones.

Lindi said...

You were absolutely right, Andrew!

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