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Monday 17 May 2010

I went to a kids birthday party a while ago, and the traditional pinata is dead. Perhaps it's a good thing, but you no longer encourage children (the birthday boy or girl or otherwise) to hit an inanimate object to get lollies out, as that encourages violent behaviour (although that may have been the point in the first place. You now have non-violent pinatas. No, it is not as I first thought, where you have to sit down with the pinata and try and encourage and persuade the lollies out of it, it actually has a special strap which you pull and all the lollies then quite easily fall out.

I am still wondering whether this is a good or a bad thing? Thoughts?


Georgina said...

IMNSHO Political correctness gone wrong!

Pennie said...

No no no... you couldn't call an inanimate object a Pinata! It would just be a big 'Lolly Bag' wouldn't it! Not that I like these shop bought pinatas either... or maybe I'm just jealous after spending years and years of making pinatas over a balloon using newspaper and glue for four children for what seems like hundreds of parties forever and forever! LOL
Non violent pinatas must have been invented by the same person who invented putting a little pressie into each layer of a 'pass the parcel'!

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