Why do soccer goalies wear different coloured shirts?

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Saturday 19 June 2010

I am looking for the answer to two questions:

Firstly, does anyone know why the goalie in soccer always wears a different coloured shirt from the rest of the team? (I find it hard to believe it is simply to distinguish the man who can touch the ball with his hands, because as if the other side wouldn't notice if two people, or a different person suddenly picked up the ball in the goal square).

Secondly, who or how do they decide what colour they get to choose? (Watching the world cup I have not been able to pick up any link or correlation between the colour of the team and the colour of the goalie).

Your thoughts, suggestions or answers would be much appreciated.

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RodeoClown said...

The different coloured shirt is purely to identify who is allowed to touch the ball with their hands.
It's not for the other team, it's for the referee.

If it was up to the other team, they could just shout "hey ref, wrong guy just picked up the ball".

And the ref is usually a little bit away, so if there's five guys going for the ball, it's much easier to spot the odd colour out.

RodeoClown said...
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Daily said...

Yes but what about the correlation (or lack of it) between the colours of the goalie and the team colours?

Anonymous said...

there is no correlation; i am a goal tender and the way i see it is: the striker usually kicks the ball at the last point he or she sees, and if your goalie shirt is bright, the striker will look at it, and shoot, and where does he or she shoot to? the last thing he or she looks at, which would be your goalie shirt, so he or she kicks directly at you, which makes defending the goal much easier. im not sure if this answers your question, but that is another point of view:)

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