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Sunday 24 October 2010

My son has a very rare condition known as "Happybirthdaysongitis". He has without fail been in tears every time he has heard the happy birthday song (regardless of whose party it is). He is usually screaming by at least the hip hip hoorays, if not long before that. Here are three photos of him during the singing of the song at his own first birthday.

As you can see, he doesn't like it. Many of you are probably thinking how sad. Not so. I am already thinking about how much money we will save by not holding birthday parties - that money, over 18 years, properly invested, with compound interest, will be a small fortune, that my wife and I will be able to use to go on a long holiday once he leaves home. So all together now - hip hip hooray.


CharlieK said...

Or he might expect that money, over 18 years, properly invested, will lead to one _HUGE_ 18th Birthday party for him (sans Happy Birthday song) :-)

Erin said...

With Nathan it was the Hokey Pokey. He was fine up til the "Woah the Hokey Pokey" bit, then he'd burst into tears. So much fun to watch though.

Dan said...

I hope your blog is still around when Edward is a teenager :)

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