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Monday 20 December 2010

Here is a great quote from Mark Driscoll as to why we need a saviour:

"Many religions also have their own concepts of a saviour. In Buddhism you save yourself by ceasing all desire. In Confucianism you save yourself through education, self-reflection, self-cultivation, and living a moral life. In Hinduism you save yourself by detaching yourself from the separated ego and making an effort to live in unity with the divine. In Islam you save yourself by living a life of good deeds. In Orthodox Judaism you save yourself through repentance, prayer, and working hard to obey the Law. In New Ageism you save yourself by gaining a new perspective, through which you see how you are connected to all things as a divine oneness. In Taoism you save yourself by aligning yourself with the Tao to have peace and harmony in and around you. What nearly all religions and spiritualities hold in common is the theme that tif there is a saviour, it is the people saving themselves.

In contrast to all the other saviours, Christianity repeatedly speaks of a saviour in very distinct ways. We will build a case that Jesus alone is our saviour, and there are many things that he saves us from. It must be stressed that we need a saviour, that there is a saviour, but that that saviour is not us; it is God alone. Therefore, the innate human desire for a saviour is a good thing, but it can only be satisfied in the person and work of Jesus alone."


Anonymous said...

Driscoll is a self-important idiot!

If you really examine the situation of humankind altogether via the Great Tradition such a statement (by Driscoll) is just a load of ignorant self-justifying cultic ignorance.

That having being said how will you respond to this?

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