How does a toaster work?

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Thursday 16 June 2011

I have had thousands of pieces of toast in my time but I have a fundamental question about toasters that hopefully someone will be able to answer for me -

Does the toast gauge when turned on 1 toast for a shorter period of time or is the filament less hot and conversely when the toast guage is on 5 does it toast for a longer period of time or is the filament somehow hotter?

I have often pondered this but by the time my thoughts get anywhere near to solving it the toast pops up, I butter it and away I go. But does anyone know the answer?

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Lindi said...

I've never actually timed it, to be certain, but it feels to me as though it takes the same amount of time, therefore, I would conclude that the element probably heats up more.

aykayem said...

did you ask the toaster? ... or was it too busy comlaining that nobody ever wants toast any more?
(and if you don't know what on Earth, or actually - it was probably NOT on Earth, I am talking about - you have not watched enough Red Dwarf ;-)

aykayem said...

I got curious - lol

... seems it depends on what type of taster it is - LOL

actually it probably isn't ever the filament getting hotter to make darker toast - probably a theremostat letting it get hotter inside the toaster where the toast is toasting (or burning ;-) ... or a timer letting it toast for longer ...

drats ... now I feel like some toast!

Andrew said...

Yes i think it is probably the element getting hotter, as it feels like the same time, but I really should time it one day to find out for certain.

Anonymous said...

It's a timing device. Really.

Just time it yourself and see. Those little red coils are either off or on, nothing else.

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