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Monday 1 August 2011

We recently caught our nearly two year old son ripping pages out of one of his books. In order to discipline him we have taught him to say 'sorry' when he does something wrong. However we have also taught him to say 'No thank you' if he doesn't want to do something. I said to him "That is very naughty ripping pages out of the book. You have to say sorry to mummy and daddy". He then very politely said "No thank you".

Apart from trying to hide our smiles, we continued to tell him that he had to say sorry, and he continued to politely reply "No thank you".

Should he have been discplined further because of his refusal, or praised for his polite manners?

Discipline dilemma number 86

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Colin said...

My advice from a parent of 2 is that each kid will require a differnet approach. The fuzzy soft approach won't work with some kids. It works well with my oldest, but the youngest is tough as nails and only a spanking on the bum will get her attention. You also have to modify it as they get older and watch for signs that they are provoking you. Mine are 6 and 3

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