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Friday 19 August 2011

Does anyone actually push the button to cross the street only once? Or is everyone else like me and pushes it about 5 times just to make sure that it is pushed?


RodeoClown said...

I'm guessing you haven't caught on that (in Sydney at least, and generally anywhere where the crossings are at an intersection and not just a standalone pedestrian crossing traffic light) you don't actually have to push the button even once.

It blew my mind when I figured it out, but I still like pressing the button and holding it in real tight so when it does the crazy beep, they go all high-pitched and any blind people waiting to hear the signal will have no idea what's going on.

Daily said...

Is that true?

I could believe it for some intersections, but other ones I have definitely been standing there for more than two crossings when the man should have been green, and it wasn't until we pushed the button we then got a green man.

Perhaps I just don't want it to be true, and I shall continue to push the buttons the obligatory 5 times.

GeoffK said...

No, not true in general - maybe some intersections, but not all (especially on the Pacific Hwy within Sydney). I know for sure about this on at least three that I travel every work day, where the pedestrian pressing that button completely disrupts my attempt at a left hand turn. Even worse when they don't stick around to make use of their green man :(

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