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Monday, 14 November 2011

In case you weren't aware, and I assume that you none of you are (unless you have been hacking into my blogger account, and if you are please stop) but this is my 989th post since starting this blog. As the 1000 mark approaches I am not sure whether I should be celebrating or crying into my cereal about reaching such a milestone. I remember when I first held this little blog in my server, and thought what will it grow up to be, and now it is so close to its 1000th blog post.

Perhaps I am getting a little too sentimental about this?
Is there such a thing as a mid-blog crisis?
Should I go and update my header to a new flash red convertible style?
Should I invest in a sidebar comb-over?

Does anyone have any advice, or know the correct internet etiquette for a blog that is about to turn 1000.


Anonymous said...

Keep it up!!! I love it just the way it is.

KIM said...

You got me thinking. I just checked and my blog is now at 1393 ... and I didn't do anything for 1000! I feel like a very negligent blogger ...

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