My 1000th blog post

Best Blogger Tips

Saturday 26 November 2011

In case you can't read this picture it says:

Congratulations! You've reached (Insert 1000) Posts.
Your house is probably a mess, your laundry needs
folding, your dishes need washing, and your family
is starving, but that's ok, because you have
just joined the 1000 Post Club!
(Insert name)

I have been running this blog for a few years and for those interested here are my top 3 blog posts by number of hits:

1. Little girl in yellow jacket - the bubble girl
2. Not bad Obama
3. Wish you were here

And here are my own favourite three posts (even though they don't get many hits)

1. A Racehorse called Akau
2. The passing of Time
3. The Wednesday Word - whipnap


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