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Monday 26 December 2011

I totally agree with Nathan from St Eutychus on the issue of posting and not posting over the holidays.

A lot of people treat blogging like a job or a chore and that somehow they need a holiday from it. I think over the holidays is when I get the most blogging done, (provided I have internet access) as that is when I have the most time to think, to write, to come up with crazy ideas, new blog segments and just plain useless and pointless things to blog about.

So here's to Nathan's idea of more blogging over the holidays not less.


Nathan said...

Yeah. I agree with your agreeing.

The internet gets so boring in these few weeks.

Jessica said...

Ditto! I'm all sugared up so there's even more stupid mental energy to expel. I find it harder when I'm tired from the 9-5.

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