Dropped like a hot potato hot potato - yellow wiggle replaced

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Thursday 19 January 2012

News flash - the yellow wiggle has been replaced by the yellow wiggle.

As long time readers would know, I am a bit of a fan of the Wiggles (see ReWiggled - Bigger than the Beatles and What have I become?)

However, I can't believe that they are replacing the yellow wiggle with the yellow wiggle (you can see in this picture the ceremonial handing over of the yellow jersey).

Of course rumours have immediately started as to why the old
yellow wiggle (that is young Sam Moran) was replaced by the new yellow wiggle (that is old Greg Page), but I am not going to speculate any further, except to say that *shock horror* I think I prefer Sam. Anyway, like the title of this post suggests, the only thing I can look forward to now is Sam's solo recording of "dropped like a hot potato hot potato".


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