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Friday 20 January 2012

If you match the following criteria, I would very much like to hear from you:

1. Do you own or run a blogspot/blogger blog?

2. Have you been able to put a facebook like button either at the top or bottom of every blog post (even when more than one post appears on the same page, such as your home page)?

3. Are you willing to tell me how to do it?

The main reason for this is that over the last week or so I have managed to do a lot of small things on my blog, such as update my "About", add a related post widget, start a facebook page, spam my facebook friends, and generally have a good time wasting my holidays on the internet. However no matter how hard I try cutting and pasting various combinations of greater than, div, id, slash, quot, br, equals, false, slash, and less than, I can't seem to get the like button to appear on each and every blog post except when there is only one blog post per page.

Can anyone help?


ampers said...

Hi there,

When you log in to blogger goto "layout" and then at the bottom right of the "Blog Posts" hit "edit" and that will bring up some settings. If you tick the "Show Share Buttons" you will have facebook, twitter, G+ buttons added.

Ages ago (before blogger had this option) I wrote some code to only display a facebook and a digg button, which I could search for, but it really isn't worth giving your uses just the one option now days (and not many people now use digg).

Daily said...

Thanks so much Andrew.

I also found some help here at this blog site as well:


But i really appreciate you taking the time to comment.

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