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Wednesday 25 January 2012

So to continue with my new years resolution, which somewhat unusually started early back in December last year (or perhaps incredibly late depending on how you look at it), here is another ‘shout-out’ to a blog that I regularly read (or should that be read regularly) and enjoy. (Click here for previous shout outs)

Today’s blog is called “Misanthropic Musing” and is quite rare for me, in that I actually know the person who writes it, someone who lives in my apartment building (rare in that the vast majority of blogs I read have been found while meandering aimlessly on the internet, a hobby I am sure is not unique to me).

Anyway, Misanthropic Musings is a unique blend of politics (Good News?), religion (Too many Messiahs), social commentary (Christmas Pyjamas, I'm aah, conflicted ...) and photography (here and here), sprinkled with a delicious turn of phrase, but often descends into an enjoyably ranting critique that is exactly what a good blog should be. However, it is actually co-written by Glen (the person I know) and his daughter (who I think is more like the publisher). Now I am not sure whether Glen admitted this publicly on his blog, or only to his email subscribers, but it appears that his publisher sets very strict Sunday evening deadlines, which may not be so great for him, but it works out well for us in that there is new material to read every Monday morning, at exactly the time when my nose is millimeters away from the new week’s grind.

Now of course like all things on the internet, it’s not that I share all of Glen’s views on religion or politics or even his social commentary, but I do share his passion for having a laugh, voicing an opinion, and wasting time on the internet.

So today’s shout out goes to Glen (and his daughter) from Misanthropic musing.

PS. There was also a very memorable post on Glen’s unusual relationship with Brisbane, which I haven’t been able to find, but certainly worth the read, if you ever get a hold of it (and which I will provide a link if)

UPDATE - Found it "Brisbane"


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