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Saturday 14 January 2012

As I promised on Boxing day last year (Is blogging a pleasure or a pain?), the holidays is when I get the most blogging done, (provided I have internet access) as that is when I have the most time to think, to write, to come up with crazy ideas, new blog segments and just plain useless and pointless things to blog about.

Well for those of you who visit my blog regularly you will see all the changes, but for those of you who have subscribed either through blogger or google reader or in some other way, you may not have noticed all the things I have done.

In short, I have added extra links here and there, have finally given up my Simpsonised me, and totally rewritten the "About" description at the top right of my blog. Here is what it now says:

"Daily Vowel Movements exists to provide you with at least one funny thing to look at each day. We waste our time on the Internet so that you don’t have to. The average time spent on any web page in the world is 56 seconds, so if you finish reading this paragraph, look at one or two posts then stare out the window for 8 seconds we will be above average. To help us achieve even greater heights of Internet infamy why not subscribe below or join our Facebook group."

What do you think? Does my blog need more work? Are there other widgets, blog apps that you use and love?

(PS. Now all I need to do is create a Facebook page. By the way, does anyone know how to create related posts that attach to the stuff sent out via a 'reader')


Nathan said...

I do the related post thing using a Wordpress plugin. Not much use to you on blogger...

Jessica said...

Take off the word id thing for comments, please:


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