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Thursday 2 February 2012

As many visitors to this blog would have noticed, Daily Vowel Movements has undergone a lot of tinkering over the past few weeks. Perhaps you didn’t notice, perhaps you did. But one we were particularly excited about was updating to a dot com site, which cost us the princely sum of ten US dollars a year – what a bargain.

Anyway, it has not yet been determined whether anything has been lost in the move but from our own meanderings on the blog, it doesn’t appear so. However we are putting the call out there for any of you long term readers first time callers (oops, sorry wrong cliché) for any of you regular subsribers to keep a look out. Please, please, please let us know if you notice any links broken, random pages messing up, or posts or comments wanting you to gamble, buy pharmaceuticals or enlarge various parts of your anatomy (that may or may not be us).

Also not sure if you have notice but we you can now Submit a link by clicking on this very cool picture or by keeping a lookout for it down on the side bar (if you don’t get it ask a Zelda fan).

Basically out of the 43 kajillion websites out there, if you find one that you think is cool, fill out the form and we will try and link to it (there is no shame in putting forward your own website, hey politicians vote for themselves, and even if it is not so cool we will still check it out).

To tempt you even further, the Daily Vowel Movements Science and technology branch has just completed some research to show that people who fill out the Submit a link form are three times better looking and are four times more intelligent than those who don’t fill out the Submit a link form (unfortunately the research was inconclusive regarding anatomy size).

Yours faithfully

The Daily Vowel Movements Team


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