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Tuesday 7 February 2012

This week’s shout-out is to the unusually named Jelssie blog (a mish mash of the names of the two women who run it, Jessica and Elsie – not sure why they didn’t go with Elsica but every fish has its depth).

If I were to describe Jelssie in one word I would say it is “Seasonal”. I don’t mean that in any derogatory way, but because there are two authors and because the two authors go through life (like we all do), the blog manages to traverse and cover a huge range of rather rare and remarkable topics. Some days, weeks, and months are filled with wonderful and often humorous social commentary such as Packaging Rant, Discrete couples and Cycle of Escalating lateness, while other times it has interesting practical tips for around the house such as Cooking without washing up, Keep a stocked Toiletries bag, Alternate use for contact lenses container, Roll with me, Henry, and How to save time using a microwave (the last one, while practical is perhaps slightly pointless given that it will save you about 1 second per microwave use. If you are that busy you probably don’t have time for Jelssie or Daily Vowel Movements for that matter).

Apart from ways to save you time around the house, this blog also has many unique ways to save you money as well (Check out Frugality. Frugalness. Whatever). While some of these tips I am unable to comment upon, such as Bra-buying on a budget, a couple of my other favourites are buying noodles instead of rice at a takeaway store as it somehow results in more flavour, and my all-time personal favourite which is never returning to an ice-creamery that doesn’t fill the entire cone (it’s the principle of the matter)

Anyway, if you’re looking for the next million dollar internet business, serious political theorising, or some of the finest sports reporting around, then you probably won’t find it on Jelssie, but you definitely will find some interesting, unusual and enjoyable insights about life in the 21st century. Go on – check it out.


Jessica said...

Yay, thanks! I enjoyed remembering all these old posts. And I'm in a dry season at the moment :)

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