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Friday 27 April 2012

Well not really, but they are 10 blogs that I really like, each for different reasons, and thought you would appreciate knowing. Here they are in no particular order with a very short description or at least one thing I like about them:

Consistently funny and constantly published pictures and beautiful photographs from around the whole of the internet.

A daily funny picture, joke, video or cartoon with a religious bent, and as stated on their home page, an attempt to laugh AS Christians not AT Christians.

A wonderfully real, funny and likeable look into the life of a mother, songwriter, music teacher, and most recently viola player - having never met her, she seems like the sort of person that everyone wants to be friends with.

As the name suggests a daily array of some of the most beautifully captured and randomly selected photography - some funny, some moving, some pointless, some amazing.

Nathan's attempt at blogging at just about everything including photography, humour, public relations, coffee, parenting, food and the occasional fascinating foray into religion, theology and Christianity in the public square.

Simply the best of the worst photoshop efforts from around the world. Some are funny, others are truly disturbing.

A random assortment of posts about life, work and family, with a dash of humour, and a dose of reality.

A wonderful resource blog for parents and teachers about new kids books and fun (and educational) iphone apps for children.

The original and the best of Venn diagrams

Perhaps a blog that I should be checking more regularly, but essentially an awesome online advice column on how to be more manly.

Hope you like them and stay tuned for my next shout out to some other blogs on my google reader subscription list.


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