What is the opposite of improving?

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Saturday 28 April 2012

Here is a question for all you budding english scholars:

What is the opposite of the word improving?

I have been trying to think of one - deproving, unproving, unimproving. The problem is that not improving doesn't capture the idea of actually getting worse, it just means not getting better. What is the word for going backwards in a particular skill.

Does anyone know?

While you think about it here is a somewhat unrelated cartoon:


Amy said...

Deteriorating would be the opposite of improving. :D

Andrew said...

Yes, deteriorating would be one word, but it is not really used in the same sense that a player is most improved, you would never say another player is most deteriorated.

Thanks so much for the suggestion though.

Anonymous said...

In IT, performance is said to improve or degrade.

Daily said...

Thanks. Degrade certainly works in some context, but not all. Thanks for the input.

emi said...


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