Mystery woman part of Indian Olympic team

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Sunday 29 July 2012

Didn't make the Olympic team for your country? Don't worry, just join in the walk in for the Olympic opening ceremony. No accreditation or security pass needed.

See the lady in the red top and aqua blue trousers to the left of the Indian flag? No one knows who she is or how she got to walk in to the Olympic Opening Ceremony with the Indian team.

Here is a close up of her. Do you know her? 

She is my new hero. Don't let lack of talent stop you fulfilling your dreams of being part of an Olympics.


Rahul said...

Mr Coe,stop covering for your mistakes, howcome there was no other cast member for other contingents at the Olympics, or is it only India representing at the Olympics?...I guess he had taken India for granted, hoping no one will raise an issue,your mistaken Mr. Coe, now India rules Britain and you will seen that soon.

Erin said...

Apparently it was an overly enthusiastic volunteer who got carried away. Love it!

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