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Sunday 12 August 2012

A while ago, a fellow blogger Ali tagged me in a book spine poetry meme thingo, which is a simple little idea of lining up books into a poem. This weekend, I finally got around to doing one.

As you will see, I have made it out of children's books, because lately, for better or worse, my reading of adult books (as in grown up books not perverted ones) has been dramatically less than my reading of children's books.

Anyway, hope you like it.

"Where is the Green Sheep?
Always near me
In my little blue bed
But where completely are we?
In the night garden
Having a baby"


Ali said...

Love it! - and this deserves a link ;).

KIM said...

oh, that's fantastic!!

Anonymous said...

This is both GOLD and inspiring! (My husband has just spent who knows how long scanning our bookshelf to create his own and came in saying, "From now on I'm buying any second hand book that has a verb in the title.")

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