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Saturday 11 August 2012

I am not exactly sure of the best or quickest way to get 1000 followers on Twitter, but Daily Vowel Movements has now reached that milestone and here is the way that I have done it:

  1. Join twitter 
  2. Start tweeting engaging, funny, retweetable tweets. 
  3. Start following everyone who seems interested in the same things you are (which in my case was anyone who tweeted pointless, silly and/or funny tweets) 
  4. Retweet some of the best of these tweets. 
  5. Favourite some of the best of the tweets. 
  6. Mention and interact with people who tweeted these tweets. 
  7. Be consistent in steps 2 to 6. 
  8. Be patient. 
  9. Persevere. 
I would suggest that if you follow these 9 steps you too could reach 1000 twitter followers. So why not follow Daily Vowel Movements on Twitter and help me in my goal to waste my time and your time on the internet.

Even better, if you mention this post in a Tweet (and let me know), you will get a guarantee follow from me, and even a shout out, if I feel like it.


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