Lone jogger gets roo'd shock

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Sunday 30 September 2012

Here is an amazing story about a fight which broke out between a lone jogger and a kangaroo. Here is part of his account although you can read the full story here:

"She looked friendly enough so I didn't give it much thought but she hopped in my path and came at me, growling and hissing"

"she started clawing at me so I whacked her a couple of times to get her away"

The story goes on that when the cranky roo rocked back on to her tail, ready to strike with her powerful hind legs, he grabbed her by her front paws and tried to push her away, but she kicked out. The first kick connected with his stomach. The second missed, with the roo's claw catching on his singlet. Mr Young said he threw the big grey to the ground but she managed to get back up for round two.

He continues: "She was lashing out at me so I punched her between the nose and eyes and ran to a nearby house."

His finally justification is the best line of the whole story:

"Yes, we went fisticuffs but I certainly did not start the fight"


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