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Friday 28 December 2012

I am pretty sure that Ali of Something this Foggy day will like this (she is always posted quite amazing crochet decorations and creations). Not sure I have ever seen her post a helmet and beard done by crochet.

via Pleated Jeans

Originally from here:

Crochet Dwarven Helm and Beard by saddayscrochet
Created using the finest mithril threads, it’s a crochet helm! It’s a crochet beard! It’s a combination crochet helm and beard! Blessed by the gods with the finest of man-garnishes on my own face, I have no need for such a garment, but if you wish to assimilate into dwarven culture you might want to quest for one.
Artist: DeviantArt (via: Obvious Winner)


Ali said...

Hah! I am catching up on my internet. That is cool - but it is not on my list!! :)

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