Amazing photos of rose in water droplets on fork

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Thursday 3 January 2013

If the title doesn't make sense then just look at the actual photographs and work out how Rainer Lucks captured these incredible images.



Rainer said...

I am the Photographer who created this Photo. First of all I must correct how these Photos where publicised. Of course the Drops on the Fork do not point sideways. They where placed like this by the Adelaide Advertiser so that it would fit in to their Page. How was it done? First one needs to have a dedicated Macro lens to be able to even get close to the quality required.. ACamer was placed in to position focusing on the small Cake Fork. A Flower was placed behind the Fork. Droplets of Water where then sprayed on to the Fork. Precise focus was established. A reflector and the use of only natural Sunlight was used to help with good light. Numerous Photos where then taken until I was able to get all 3 Droplets close to how i wanted them to be. Careful balancing with Lightroom and whoola! That's it! It was claimed by one person that there are flash lighting equipment to be seen in the Droplets. Not so! They are washing line Poles. Lol! I could not control that limitation I had to deal with.
Regards" Rainer Lucks

Andrew said...

Dear Rainer,

Thanks so much for your comment and explanation. That is absolutely amazing that it was done without other flash equipment, which only make the photos themselves more incredible. What a talent! Do you have other photographs we can all check out?


Rainer said...

Hi Andrew
Sorry it took so long to answer. I forgot i had this posted. There are literally well over a thousand Photos of mine you can browse through.
Just recently i ventured in to infrared photography. You can either visit the Flickr or panoramio site >


Kind regards and thank you for your compliments.

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