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Sunday 13 October 2013

My children are still quite young (in fact one of them turned two yesterday), too young to drive a car, but I know that I am an overprotective Dad. Perhaps it is because of the type of work I do, perhaps it is because I am slightly anxious about things anyway, or perhaps it is because I really care for my children (I am going with the last one).

In any event, I am not sure whether this type of strategy would work. It seems a bit like the time the New South Wales Roads and Traffic Authority set up speed signs that actually told you how fast you were doing with either a complimentary 'well done', if you were going below the speed limit, or a cautionary 'Slow down' if you were going above it. Unfortunately this became a hot spot for dragsters trying to beat their previous records and they had to get rid of it.  Ahh, the beauty of trying to legislate or enforce morality.

Nevertheless, hope you like this funny picture.



GeoffK said...

The concern here is that someone took a photo of it while the vehicle was moving at 60mph...

At least it's ok to drive it at more than 6500rpm and over 130mph :)

Andrew said...

Haha. I didn't notice the upper limits. Sounds funny that 130mph would be ok! Thanks for the comment.

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