Pepper spray for bears sold here!

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Monday 3 February 2014

Can anyone explain this to me? I saw this on a recent trip to Canada and I have no idea why bears would need Pepper spray? And how do they pay for it? And wouldn't it be a bit dangerous for the other store owners if bears were allowed to walk around in the store with other customers?

Feeling quite confused at the moment ... 

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Anonymous said...

It's one of those Canadian things, like signs that say "Moose Crossing". I doubt very much the moose stop to read them.

Kate said...

I can explain that - it is illegal to carry small cans of pepper spray (for scaring off muggers, etc), but it is legal to carry large cans of pepper spray when you are hiking or camping in bear country, to scare bears away. Bears can be very dangerous creatures to run into. I guess the store owner wanted to make it crystal clear that whT he was doing was legal.

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