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Saturday 9 August 2008

I have a confession to make. For a long time now, I have wanted an adult jump suit. I'm not entirely sure where this desire comes from, whether it's Freudian, Kantian, or just plain wierdoian, but I have a feeling it's because over the last few years six nieces and nephews have been added to my family, and several of my other friends have recently had babies. And every time I see one of these babies or toddlers either sleeping or strutting about in their little one piece jump suits with built in socks (or shoes or whatever the foot part is called) I get unusually, (and quite disturbingly) jealous.

I have raised the issue of adult jump suits in public, only to be mocked and spat on (well maybe not spat on, but definitely mocked) and I cannot work out why. They look both warm and comfortable, and immediately do away with the need for slippers or ugg boots. While they might not be that stylish, and people constantly raise the issue of going to the toilet, for a world that has put a man on the moon and made computers the size of a pin head, surely a bit of pizazz and a flap here and there could be easily added.

To aid this cause I have started another website, and by just one click you too can join in the fight for the creation of adult jump suits. Please visit


Anonymous said...

My goodness, i have found a kindred soul! I was perusing the internet for anywhere that might sell an adult jump suit, and my interest in them had become aroused for exactly the same reasons as yourself - a shameless jealousy of a new niece and nephews evening attire.

All the best in your hunt for, what i will call an 'all encompassing cocoon of happiness'.


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