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Friday 8 August 2008

In case anyone is still reading this blog and is wondering why I stopped writing letters to the Sydney Morning Herald, here is the reason: I had to start doing work at work. I know it sounds crazy, but it’s the truth (whether you can handle it or not).

So after months of inactivity on the daily vowel movements blogspot, (or what could easily be described as verbal constipation), and taking into consideration my lack of letter writing time in the morning, I have finally decided to pen a few odd thoughts of mine at night (although I’m not using a pen, I have more than a few, they’re not necessarily odd, nor are all of them mine and I’ll probably write some of them during the day).

I’m not quite sure why I am writing this now, nor do I have any idea what this blog is going to be, if it will be in fact anything, but a big hello to all my fans (yes both of you).


Georgina said...

Hello! Welcome back funny man.

Lara said...

Good to see that you're back in the blogosphere! I've been missing your letters.

It's tough, the whole needing to do work at work thing. Would it be better if you were allowed to wear a jumpsuit to the office??

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